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Exhibit A: why was I, a person who hates math, a pricing analyst for a hedge fund in 2001? My drive was 9/11, my options were limited and I was on my own so I had to pitch myself for that job like my life depended on it because I thought it did. I was naive. I’m sure I could have waited but 30 days had been enough following my first layoff.

Protests and counterprotests, when organized by private citizens with the freedom to speak their minds, are a healthy thing. Yet the prominent role of Kadyrov, an ally of Russian President chloe tess replica Vladimir Putin not to mention the slick signs in English carried by many demonstrators, including the one in the photo above raised speculation about the Kremlin intentions. As Putin repositions himself as a guardian of conservative Eurasian values against erosion from the West, making common cause with Charlie Hebdo Islamic critics hardly seems out of the question.

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