[continues]This is the major source of onshore seismic data

No reason, it turns out. A few months later, the Pentagon quietly called “false alarm” and refused to explain further. The reason became clear after some journalistic digging uncovered documents revealing that the so called “nanotechnology” was nothing but a protective coat to keep the red paint from rubbing off.

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These pages grew out of an original project to celebrate 150 years of the Geologists’ Association and 200 years of the Geological Society. To this end I began collecting postcards, magic lantern slides, etchings and whatever else I could obtain on the subject of the WHS coastline. [continues]This is the major source of onshore seismic data for the UK, including that of the Wessex Coast area, suc as Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and cheap yeezys the Isle of Wight..

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