The Tomb of Babur in Kabul is a much more modest affair where

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replica celine bags Here Timur is buried under a fluted dome and a traditional Persian Iwan is employed as an entrance. The Tomb of Babur in Kabul is a much more modest affair where a simple cenotaph, exposed to the sky, is laid out in the centre celine outlet online of a walled garden.[24] Humayun’s tomb is seen as one of the most direct influences on the Taj Mahal’s design and was a direct response to the Tomb of Timur, featuring a central dome of white marble, red sandstone facings, a plinth, geometric symmetrical planning, chatris, iwans and a charbagh. Designed by Humayun’s son Akbar it celine outlet woodbury commons set the precedent for Mughal emperor’s children constructing the mausoleums of their fathers.[25] Akbar’s tomb at Sikandra, retains many of the elements of his father’s tomb but possesses no dome and reverts to celine box replica a cenotaph open to the sky replica celine bags.