Then liberals can see how open and tolerant conservatives are

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canada goose store Patrick Mahoney, formerly with the criminal Operation Rescue and now with the Christian Defense Coalition, said the Christian community “embraces openness and canada goose outlet sale tolerance and believes that all should be welcome at the Inauguration;” but that Christians would never canada goose outlet shop “chose the route of bigotry and hatred” which “the gay community canada goose outlet usa did when they lost canada goose victoria parka outlet Prop 8″ (Comment: yeah, Mahoney, let’s talk about the hatred and criminal activity of Operation Rescue.) Mahoney added that “For all their cries of inclusion and openness, there are few groups out there more intolerant and hateful than the gay canada goose outlet in new york community.” The article ended with a quote canada goose outlet in toronto from Christian radio host, James Harris, who claimed that the inauguration will provide “a showcase for Christians to showcase their tolerance.” I actually thought that this guy was canada goose outlet online store review OK when he said canada goose outlet online uk that he hoped “all of San Francisco turns out, and turns the inauguration into a gay pride festival. Then liberals can see how open and tolerant conservatives are.” My hope that the article would end on a positive note were soon dashed with this finale: “Let America see liberalism in all of its self absorbed lunacy. Then maybe America will only have to tolerate four years of the madness.”. canada goose store

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