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canadian goose jacket BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: In Nashville, at buy canada goose jacket cheap the headquarters of the Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Company, this could be the morning when the rubber meets the road. Congressional investigators meeting with company executives today to focus on the defective web site online tires that have been linked to as many as buy canada goose jacket 62 highway related deaths.Among other things, the investigators want to know how the company learned of canada goose uk outlet the problems and when. Also whether it responded quickly enough in launching its recall of 6.5 Canada Goose online million tires. Meanwhile, canada goose store the company canada goose coats is saying that demand is overwhelming supply, so the company is airing Canada Goose Outlet a commercial designed to defuse consumer anger.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: At Firestone, your safety is our highest priority. coque huawei We uk canada goose initiated a voluntary safety recall of all P/235/75/R15 ATX and ATX II tires, and the same size Wilderness AT tire produced in Decatur. coque de samsung galaxy These are the only tires involved in the recall. We are maximizing production, airlifting tires from Japan, and working with others tire makers to increase total production. Let me assure you, that we are committed to your safety and to resolving this issue.HEMMER: Again, that advertisement from Firestone.Live now to Nashville where CNN’s Susan Candiotti is standing by live now at the tire company’s American headquarters.SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Bill.Investigators have been here cheap canada goose uk for a little over an hour now. And they plan on spending all day here,and possibly tomorrow, if that’s what it takes to get all the information that they’re after. Vente Coque samsung As you indicated, the question is: What did canada goose uk black friday they know? and cheap Canada Goose when did they know it? That’s what these investigators canada goose clearance sale are canada goose after. They are here to conduct interviews. They are here canada goose https://www.canadagoosesale.biz to collect whatever documents they can to try to get to the bottom of all this. What canada goose factory sale led to the recall of 6 1/2 million tires? that recall that began on August canadian goose jacket the ninth. The recall has impacted sales of Ford Explorers, Ford’s most popular model, which used the tires involved in the recall. Those tires in question, the ATX, the ATX II, and the Wilderness AT tires.HEMMER: Canada Goose Coats On Sale Susan, while we have you here, is this a preview of what canada goose uk shop we’ll also be hearing in Washington next month when those hearings get under way on Capitol Hill?CANDIOTTI: It is indeed, and so far the canada goose black friday sale Senate Commerce Committee is the only one to canada goose coats on sale schedule hearings, that led by Senator John McCain. Coque huawei The investigators who are here today are from the House Commerce Canada Goose Jackets Committee. They uk canada goose outlet haven’t set a date yet, announced when they will Canada Goose sale be holding their Canada Goose Online hearings. coque samsung galaxy And Canada Goose Parka at this time, they cannot tell us whether that will be a joint hearing and whether they will share information.